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Lunch & Learns

Learn from the Industry's Top KOL's and Brands with Lunch and Learns.

There is no additional cost to attend these sessions. You can RSVP for these during registration.


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Pix:E Harmonizing Heat and Light: 4 MHz RFMN and Er:YAG   •   Rohrer Aesthetics

Sheila Barbarino, MD

Julie Russak, MD

Drs. Barbarino and Russak will be sharing her experience in the multi-factorial action Pix:E provides in both superficial and dermal layers of the skin resulting in immediate visible effects with continued improvement over time.

Proper Use of Legal Entities for Lawsuit Protection and Tax Reduction   •   Legally Mine 

John Kekel

Legally Mine will show you how to stop the threat of lawsuits before they ever get started by protecting your assets in time tested and proven legal structures.  These same structures allow us to help our tax attorneys save what you would normally pay in income taxes.  These are little known tax helps that have significant case history and have stood the test of time.

Unveiling Rivkin Academy: The All-in-One Aesthetics Platform    •   Rivkin Academy 

Jonas Essoufi

Alexander Rivikin, MD

Join us for the unveiling of Rivkin Academy, the "Everything Aesthetics" platform. Our innovative approach offers a seamless integration of online learning, practical training, and business support, making aesthetics education more accessible and effective than ever before.

In addition to top-tier education, Rivkin Academy provides robust business support modules covering branding, marketing, financial management, and career services. Our platform is designed to empower practitioners at every stage of their career, from training to practice management.


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The 2024 Aesthetic Marketing Playbook   •   Influx Marketing 

Max Baybak

Erica Crawford

Adam Daniells

Presented by Influx — a market leader in digital growth for aesthetic businesses. In this exclusive presentation, Influx leadership will pull back the curtain on the digital growth strategies they are currently deploying for hundreds of medical spas and plastic surgery practices across North America. Reserve your seat to tap into up-to-the-moment marketing insights, get clear benchmarks to evaluate your current marketing efforts against, and learn how you can leverage key trends in aesthetic consumer behavior to drive more patients through your doors.

The Future of Regenerative Aesthetics is Now   •   BENEV Company, Inc.

Uncover the forefront of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine for unparalleled skin rejuvenation. Featuring Sylfirm X Dual Wave RF Microneedling, Exosomes, and Miracu PDO Threads.

EXOSOME ® BY BENEV: A cutting-edge biotech breakthrough for skin & scalp rejuvenation. Learn the 9 vital questions to ask about Exosomes.

SYLFIRM X® BY BENEV: The worlds first and only dual wave RF microneedling  device targeting skin laxity and pigmentation.

MIRACU® BY BENEV: The most innovative PDO Threads revolutionizing global aesthetic practices. Discover the distinction among PDO Threads.

Join us to delve into these transformative technologies shaping the future of regenerative aesthetics, endorsed by leading medical practitioners worldwide.


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The AART of GAIN: Education on the Galderma Aesthetic Portfolio   •   Galderma Laboratories, L.P.

Carrie Galpin

Michael Somenek, MD

Sachin Shridharani, MD

Focusing on the AART of GAIN, participants will gain a deeper understanding of patient assessment, anatomy, range, and treatment planning with the broad Galderma aesthetic portfolio. Featuring an in-depth look at the science of Sculptra and procedure support with Alastin Skincare: Designed to enhance the patient experience and provide daily anti-aging benefits.