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Learn from the Industry's Top KOL's and Brands with Sponsored Workshops.

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9:45 am – 10:40 am

AI Skinnovation and the Consumer Skincare Journey   •   Perfect Corp.

Explore the impactful ways AI Skin Tech is transforming the consumer skincare experience today, inviting consumers to take a more proactive approach to the skin health journey. Hear from industry expert, Dr. Park, facial plastic surgeon and founder of AIREM, about the groundbreaking skin tech innovations that are changing the way skincare brands, skin professionals, and medspas are connecting with their consumers. Join us as we spotlight a new era in AI Skin Tech and the groundbreaking new technologies that are propelling the skin care industry into the digital transformation.

Presenters: Wayne Liu; Eunice Park, MD

Elevating Surgical and Nonsurgical Aesthetic Results: The Impact of Toskani Drug Delivery Solutions   •   ToskaniMED USA   
•   Live Demonstration

Come learn about the cutting-edge benefits through regenerative medicine approach. Smart and profitable options to generate natural outcomes and improve skin quality.

Presenters: Luís Antônio de Assis, MD; Thiago Queiroz, DO

Galderma Presents: GAIN Business, Where AARTistry Meets Business   •   Galderma Laboratories, L.P. 

Join us to learn how to increase your profitability with Galderma’s broad portfolio of aesthetic injectable products and services. Featuring “Retain to Gain” and Alastin Skincare.

Presenters: Amanda Holden, MD; Katie Martin PA-C

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Provider Burnout  •   Weave

Let’s be honest: we now live in a world where we have to be “on” 24/7. Social media’s taken over, staff drama prevails, patients expect a response instantly and work life balance is a topic of daily conversation in most social circles and media outlets. But this has led to a higher-than-ever level of early physician and staff burnout from a career you’ve trained so hard to achieve. Join this session for tips on how to avoid provider burnout or, if you’re on the tipping point (or have already tipped!), how to claw your way back.

Presenters: Jay Shorr

Winning the Speed to Lead Race: Lead Consolidation, Conversion, and Customer Loyalty Strategies   •   Podium

98% of consumers will choose the first business to respond to their request. Learn how to transform your lead strategy with this fact in mind.

Learn how to:

  • Consolidate all your leads and customer requests into one place
  • Convert your leads with quick responses with the help of AI
  • Start leveraging bulk promotional text marketing
  • Presenter: Tyson Heaps

11:15 am – 12:10 pm

Boost Profits in Your Practice Through Financial Tracking and Budgeting   •   Maven Financial Partners

Come prepared to learn how to:

  • Organize and assess your financial statements to understand what levers you should be pulling on
  • The best ways to increase your revenue and your profit and how to apply them in your practice
  • What you should be tracking and how to measure for success
  • How to budget and make critical financial decisions based on performance. Christin Trujillo

Presenter: Christin Trujillo


10:00 am – 10:55 am

Belotero and Radiesse: Facial Rejuvenation   •   Merz Aesthetics 

More information coming soon.

Presenters: Sheila Barbarino, MD; Jennifer Levine, MD

Financial Rejuvenation: Navigating the Financial Statements for a Med Aesthetic Practice   •   CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP

This workshop will take a deep dive into how to review and analyze your financial statements. You’ll learn how to incorporate benchmark data, measure key performance indicators, and hold your team accountable for financial targets. Come with questions!

Presenter: Emily Brems; Mike White

Functional Aesthetics: Beauty Defined by Anatomy   •   Y Lift

In today's aesthetic world, most providers solely focus on the look and do not take into account the science, such as anatomy or proper anatomical movement oftentimes resulting in poor results. Learn about the latest innovations in nonsurgical procedures that synergizes both the form and function of aesthetics giving patients beautiful, natural, and anatomically correct results. 

Presenter: Yan Trokel, MD

New PDO Technique: Crisscross Vectors   •   HansBiomed USA, Inc.

PDO thread lifting has ushered in a new era of aesthetic procedures, becoming an essential component of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Yet, there are controversial opinions on the longevity of PDO results, which may be due to suboptimal implantation designs. In this session, TJ Tsay, MD will delve into the fundamentals of PDO threads and review the factors influencing thread longevity. Gain insights on the innovative crisscross PDO technique, designed to elevate longevity and fibrogenesis in facial rejuvenation. He will outline the scientific principles underlying crisscross vector designs and showcase beginner and advanced techniques for midface and jowl rejuvenation. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your practice with cutting-edge PDO techniques and elevate patient outcomes.

Start and Grow Your Weight Management Program to Over $300K Per Month   •   BuildMyHealth

What are you doing with your career?! Did you think you would be making a lot of money by this time in your life? Tracking down the silver bullet of aesthetic services that would make the difference? What, PRP wasn't the game changer they promised? Didn't realize you'd have mortgages on aesthetic devices in addition to your house? Well what about a service that could lead to monthly recurring revenue in excess of $300,000 without any capital investment and make patients and yourself happier than you ever dreamed? Learn more about weight management, semaglutide and tirzepatide and not only the future, but your future.

Presenters: Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH; Chad Sawyer


10:00 am – 10:55 am

AI Marketing Trends: How Not to Be Left Behind   •   Influx Marketing 

The world of digital patient acquisition is constantly evolving. In this workshop, the digital marketing leaders at Influx will provide an overview of key trends in aesthetic marketing that you should be paying attention to in order to stay ahead. Reserve your seat now to get the rundown on how Artificial Intelligence and other technology trends are impacting aesthetic practice marketing.

Presenter: Max Baybak; Erica Crawford; Adam Daniells

How Non-Thermal Laser Impacts Fat Reduction, Mitochondrial Function, and Longevity   •   Erchonia Corporation   •   
*Live Demonstration

At the heart of this innovation lies non-thermal laser technology, demonstrating profound impacts on fat reduction, mitochondrial function, and longevity. From brain health, gut health, and fat reduction to boosting mitochondrial efficiency, Prof Bob Khanna will unlock the keys to optimizing our health. Which has a direct benefit to improving cellular functioning, to optimize all key bodily processes, and promoting longevity and anti-aging benefits.

Presenter: Prof. Bob Khanna, BDS

Mastering Lip Enhancement from the Inside Out    •   Prollenium

Get ready to master the art of lip enhancement with an expert-led session by Dr. David Saadat, world-renowned educator.  This comprehensive approach will provide you with a deep understanding of lip anatomy, assessment, and injection application techniques.

Nonsurgical Facial and Body Sculpting by AGNES RF   •   Agnes Medical

Patients are looking for alternative treatment options to reduce adiposity and improve skin laxity. This workshop will focus on how to nonsurgically sculpt the face and body through the AGNES microneedling RF device. The AGNES RF has been introduced to the global aesthetic practices for its unique applications through single or three pin needle electrodes.

Presenter: Gun Young Ahn, MD; Seongsoo Park, MD; Candace Spann, MD

The Powerful Role of Exosomes in Aesthetic Medicine   •   Kimera Labs 

The utilization of exosomes in aesthetic medicine, dermatology, alopecia, and reconstructive surgery continues to grow. Numerous studies have been published showing efficacy for aging skin, hair loss, acne, wound care, and scar therapy.

During this workshop these applications, with protocols will be highlighted. Valuable pearls for meticulous results will be reviewed. New applications and combination treatments for Bioregenerative Dermal Infusions, and Bioregenerative Volumization will be introduced. Novel combination recipes for maximizing topical absorption will be reviewed. These include nitric oxide, hyaluronic acid, peptide serums, calcium hydroxyapatite, salt exfoliation, cavitating ultrasound and dermoelectroporation.

This exciting workshop on new science is one not to be missed!

Presenter: Gregory Chernoff, MD

11:30 am – 12:25 pm

7-Figure Exposure: How to Leverage Social Media To Scale Your Practice   •   Viral Secrets

Is your social media presence costing you patients? In today’s highly competitive market, a strong social following is no longer optional—it's essential for survival.

Join globally acclaimed Social Media Expert, Jon Jacques, as he reveals how top practitioners are turning “influence” into income. In this must-see workshop, you’ll discover how to skyrocket your followers, position yourself as the go-to practitioner, and consistently fill your calendar with appointments.